2018 Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter Work Project St. Joseph County Indiana Mishawaka South Bend August 2018

Coming August 26-31, 2018

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Future Homeowners

Future Homeowners

Habitat homeowners work hard for their home, attending home buyer preparedness classes and putting in hundreds of hours of sweat equity on the job site and ReStores to be able to purchase their home with an affordable mortgage. Just like all of us, they are working to build a better home for themselves and their families.

cleora taylor and family-min

Cleora is a strong-willed mother trying to show her kids the importance of working hard. While she has worked with the same employer for over 5 years, Cleora could not seem to reach her goal of home ownership. She is tired of paying rent and not having her own place to show for it. As a single mother, Cleora wants a better life for her four children. She wants her children to see something more out of life, which is why home ownership is such a priority. Thankfully, Cleora found out about Habitat through a friend. This is the opportunity she was looking for to move forward.

Her oldest, 12 year old JaQuan, is into sports and excited about having a back yard to play in. An avid Cavs fan, his favorite sport is basketball. Her 11 year old daughter JaNaiya has autism and is excited to have her own room, a new tub for bubble baths and celebrating Christmas in the new house next year. Six year old twins Briona and Brandon love all the talk about a new house in a new neighborhood. This already busy family now has a common focus in the upcoming months – planning for life in their brand new home.

ambera pruitt and family-min

Ambera has been praying that her little family could have a place of their own. Throughout the Habitat selection process, she believed and stayed positive. But it was hard to stay calm when the long awaited call finally came through at work. Excitement took over as she ran into the office, screaming with delight to be accepted into the homeownership program.

Ambera was eager to throw herself into earning sweat equity. Her favorite is working at the construction site and after her first long day, she was excited to see the blister that formed – a byproduct of hard work. Ambera cannot wait to start working on her own home.

For Charity, age 7, the new home also brings the excitement of going to a new school. Three year old Azaylia is interested in playing soccer in her own back yard and decorating her room in her favorite colors – pink and purple. Their mother is happy that they will live in a safe neighborhood for the girls to ride their bikes.

For Ambera, ‘stability’ is the word that sums up what a Habitat home means most. She wants to be a role model for her two young daughters, showing them the importance of hard work and prayer as well as appreciating your blessings.

Salazaar Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter Work Project

Benito and Jhunixa are a young couple juggling very busy lives. Benito works full time as a fulfillment specialist in a warehouse and part time as a Spanish choir director at a local university. Jhunixa works part time as a social worker. With two toddlers, they have a very busy household. When living in a two bedroom apartment with two active little ones, it became stressful and cramped. When their rent was then raised, it became clear that it was time to make a change.

Owning their own home was always their dream but at times, did not seem attainable. Applying for a Habitat home and moving into their parents’ home in order to save money were the initial steps. While the first few months of the application process were stressful, they both agree that it will be well worth it in the long run. This young couple’s excitement is contagious and their families support them in many ways, even helping them put in their sweat equity.

While Jhunixa is still afraid to believe that their dream of a home will actually come true, Benito assures her that it is indeed happening. They talk about the chance for their children to grow up in a neighborhood where they can play outside, ride their bicycles and explore. They talk about how in an apartment setting, people are always moving in and out. In their Habitat home, they will get to know their neighbors. Their children will have friends to play with on their block just like their mom and dad did, growing up. What matters most to these young parents is giving their two little ones a chance to grow up in a home filled with love nestled in a safe neighborhood.

Zahan, Nursat 2017 2-min

Nusrat and her son Nishorgo are excited to be a part of the 2018 Carter Work Project. Nusrat is originally from Bangladesh, a small country bordering India. Her family immigrated to the United States; her brother came in first, and could only bring his family after years of working. She waited 12 years for the opportunity to have a better life in America.

After coming to the US, she spent 13 years renting apartments, and is ready to own an affordable home that she can take pride in.

“We are trying to find a place where my son can grow up,” she says. “I cannot afford to settle down on my own, so I’m trying to settle down with Habitat’s help.”

“A Habitat home is very settling for me. It means solid ground, and now I can think about something else other than my living situation. If you are renting and can’t afford your payments, you are not settled at all, it’s not your own … I will own something, and that is pride, strength, and independence.”

the herron family 3-min

“You can do it if you try, if you just put your mind to it.” These are words that Shayla lives by. She wants to set an example for her three children, showing them that they can make it in life despite challenges that may come their way.

Owning her own home is a goal that Shayla has set for herself. Yet she wasn’t sure that she could ever attain it. Habitat had been in the back of her mind for a long time but she was afraid that she couldn’t afford it. She decided to bravely take that first step to find out. After researching Habitat’s website, Shayla filled out the application. She set the process in motion to attain her goal of home ownership.

Shayla is very proud of her three children. She is thrilled that they will have a chance to live in a nice house. She talks proudly of her son who is in his first year of college at IUSB. He has stepped up to the challenge and put in his own sweat equity towards their Habitat home. Her two daughters are excited about their new home for different reasons. Her oldest daughter is a middle school student who studies hard and plays saxophone in the school band. She is eager to have her own space and more privacy. Shayla describes her youngest daughter as a ‘firecracker’ who loves dinosaurs and cars. The chance to be able to ride her bicycle in a safe neighborhood will be ideal for this active third grader.