Notre Dame Athletics Build 2015/16

The ND Athletics Build is sponsored by the Notre Dame Athletics Department. Players, coaches, trainers, and staff from all your favorite teams come out to see what affordable housing can do for a community. Volunteering is limited to the Athletic Department, but donations and fundraising campaigns are open to anyone wishing to support this build.

Some builds are open to the public, so that you can volunteer freely an as individual. Some builds have days that are reserved for businesses and organizations. Those businesses or organizations have “Teams” that anyone volunteering with that business or organization must join.

After clicking volunteer, you can volunteer as an individual to see what dates are available, or you can join a team by scrolling to the bottom of the page and selecting your team. If you would like to create a volunteer team, you can do that as well and invite your friends and co-workers to join you.

You sign a waiver to be out on the build site when you sign up to volunteer.

Joining or Starting a Campaign is a great way to raise funds for a build that you feel passionate about, because you can easily share it with your friends on social media and get them to donate. And then they share it with their friends, and those friends share it with their friends … Here’s how it works.

Joining a Build Campaign means that you are starting a campaign to fundraise for a certain build. You create a team campaign, where people help you fundraise, or an individual campaign, where you do all the fundraising yourself. Team Campaigns will generally have higher fundraising goals.

Register Your Own Team: When you Register Your Own Team, you are creating a fundraising team that people can join. You Share this team with your friends on social media. They can join the team and share it with their friends, or they can simply donate to help you reach your fundraising goal.

Participate as an Individual: When you Participate as an Individual, you are creating a fundraising campaign that people can donate to. They donate directly to your campaign to help you reach your fundraising goal. Again, you Share this on social media so that friends and family can donate.

The only difference between Registering Your Own Team and Participating as an Individual is that people can’t help you fundraise when you are an Individual, they can only donate. When you register a team, other people can join you and share the fundraising campaign with their social network.

If you would like to donate you can A.) Directly donate to the Women Build or B.) Donate to a Campaign for a specific build.

For example, if your friend wants to raise $100 for the Women Build, you can make your donation go toward your friend’s campaign to help him or her reach that goal.