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Aging in Place
I own and live in my single-family, detached home full-time:
I am 60 or older, or someone that lives in my home full-time is 60 or older:
My home is in St. Joseph County:
My city and county property taxes are current:
The mortgage on my home is current:
My homeowners insurance is in place and current:
I plan to stay in my home:
Are you working with any other organization to assist you in obtaining funding for your home repairs?
I can provide documentation to prove identity, age, residency, and income for myself and everyone who lives in my home:
Are you aware of any animal or insect activity in your attic?
Someone living in my home full-time is a veteran of the U.S. Military:
I meet income guidelines for the program, based on my income and the income of everyone else who lives in my home (18 years of age and older):

Thank you for your interest. Someone from Habitat will reach out soon!

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