Aging in Place

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Aging in Place

The goal of Habitat for Humanity’s Aging in Place program is to help seniors over the age of 60 in St. Joseph County continue to live in their own homes and community safely, independently and comfortably.

The Aging in Place program works in collaboration with several other community partners who focus on serving adults over the age of 60. In 2022 we will only be working on roofs for seniors to help ease large home projects’ financial constraints on a homeowner.
Projects will be completed based on available funding.

The application process is now open. We are currently doing only roof repair and replacement.

Please contact us for details at (574) 288-6967

As the years wear on individuals and their homes, maintaining the dream of homeownership becomes more difficult with age especially for low-income older adults. Maintaining older homes with inefficient energy can become expensive, and poor home accessibility can result in injuries and medical problems. Our program offers up to $15,000 of roof repairs or replacement to individuals who are 60 years of age and older, live in St. Joseph County IN, and meet certain income requirements.

You may qualify for the AIP Program if you meet ALL of the following criteria:

  • You own and live in your own home full-time (NO RENTAL HOMES)
  • You are 60 or over; or someone who lives in your home is 60 or over
  • You live in St. Joseph County
  • Your city and property taxes are current
  • Your mortgage is current
  • Your homeowner’s insurance is in place and current
  • You plan to stay in your home
  • Annual income combined of those 18 years and older living in the home is less than the maximum allowable income based on the table below.

Must be below the Maximum Allowable income for household size to qualify.

# People Living in Household Maximum Allowable Income
1 $43,700
2 $49,950
3 $56,200
4 $62,400
5 $67,400
6 $72,400
7 $77,400
8 $82,400

All Aging in Place program clients are required to pay a $25 to $125 fee, depending on income, to Habitat to cover the cost of recording the deed restriction with the St. Joseph County Recorder.

Habitat will pay all costs for the materials and Aging in Place work as a forgivable loan, but a restriction will be placed on your home. You will not have to repay the loan unless you sell or transfer ownership of your home within five (5) years after the Aging in Place work is complete. Each year you live in your home the loan amount is reduced by 20% and at the end of the five (5) year period there is nothing owed on the loan.

Work for 2022 includes:

  • Only roof repairs for our 2022 season.

Aging in place repairs do NOT include:

  • Cosmetic Work
  • Rental property, mobile homes, condos, and anything that is NOT a single-family, detached home.

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    1. I own and live in my single family, detached home full time:

    2. I am 60 or older, or someone that lives in my home full-time is 60 or older:

    3. My home is in St. Joseph County:

    4. My city and county property taxes are current:

    5. The mortgage on my home is current, or there is no mortgage on my home:

    6. My homeowner's insurance is in place and current:

    7. I plan to stay in my home:

    8. Are you working with any other organizations to assist you in obtaining funding for your home repairs?

    9. I was referred to the Aging in Place program:

    10. I can provide documentation to prove identity, age, residency, and income for myself and everyone else who lives in my home:

    11. Someone living in my home full-time is a veteran of the U.S. military.

    12. Are you aware of any animal or insect activity in your attic?

    13. I meet the income guidelines for the program, based on my income and the income of everyone else who lives in my home 18 years of age or older? (See chart above):

    Thank you for filling out the intake form, an Aging In Place representative will contact you within three business days.